Jesse Blevins


Another Saturday CD cover

From my first CD, Another Saturday, here's the title song (1.2 MB mp3) [lyrics] and a few other songs:
Almost Sunny (1.8 MB mp3) [lyrics],
Pancake Recipe (1.5 MB mp3) [lyrics],
Think Again (1.2 MB mp3) [lyrics] and
Seems Too Good To Be True (1 MB mp3) [lyrics]

Just in time for the mid-terms!
Cyber Voting (3 MB mp3) [lyrics]
A jolly song advertising outdated and insecure voting machines. Vote anyway.

From my second CD, Seeds of Hope:
title song (2.2 MB mp3) [lyrics]
Just Can't Wake Up! (from this American dream) (1.6 MB mp3) [lyrics]

from my third CD, Someday, Somehow:
Empty Bottle (2.4 MB mp3) [lyrics]
Three Days Clean and Sober (2.4 MB mp3) [lyrics]

And from my 1980 cassette tape Southside Shuffle:
Bright Green Bicycle (2 MB mp3) [lyrics] (recently featured on Portland Afoot!)

Here's a live recording of a song about a devastated place in east Tennessee, and what happened there, based on what I remember of a converation I had with my dad more than 50 years ago: Copper Hill (4 MB mp3) [lyrics]